Monday, August 28, 2017

Ensign John William Carson

Fast Facts about Ensign John William Carson

  • Born October 23rd 1925 at Corning Iowa
  • At age 14, he debuted as The Great Carsoni for a local Kiwanis club
  • Joined US Navy June 8th 1943
  • Assigned to the USS Pennsylvania as a communications officer
  • Had an 10-0 amateur boxing record
  • Performed a magic trick for then US Secretary of the Navy James V Forrestal
  • Attended University of Nebraska at Lincoln on the GI bill.
  • Was a member of Phi Gama Delta
  • Performed magic shows through college
  • In 1949 he graduated with a Bachelors in Radio and Speech with a minor in Physics
  • His Thesis was titled "How To Write Comedian Jokes"
  • In 1950 began his career at WOW radio in Omaha Nebraska
  • By 1955 he had a CBS show, The Johnny Carson Show
  • In 1962 he became the host of The Tonight Show
  • Orson Wells sawed him in half at a USO Show
  • Refused to discuss his childhood or private life
  • Opposed the Vietnam War and Capital Punishment
  • Strong believer in equality
  • He was an amateur astronomer and friends with Carl Sagan.
  • In 1981 he founded the John W Carson Foundation, which supports children, education and health services
  • His retired from The Tonight Show on May 22, 1992.
  • He attended the 100th birthday of his former teacher Fay Gordon
  • In 2004, he gifted 5.3 million dollars to the University of Nebraska, allowing them to create The Johnny Carson School of Theater and Film
  • "I'll be right back" was quoted as his Epigraph.
  • He taught himself Swahili
  • Loved Elvis
  • Died January 23, 2005

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