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A Marine's Story: Corporal Richard Leroy Fly

Corporal Richard Leroy "Buddy" Fly was born on December 18, 1924, in Jackson Tennessee.His family relocated to Natchez Mississippi while he was young and he was raised on a small farm outside of town.Corporal Fly enlisted in the US Marine Corps on June 30, 1942, and served in the Pacific theater.After the war, Corporal Fly returned to Mississippi and worked in hardware sales.  During his free time, he volunteered as a courtesy shuttle driver.  Corporal Fly also loved looking for and restoring old relics that he found.Before his death on September 23, 2012, his niece Debbie Bewley was able to collect his stories about his life and they are published in the book "Fly Like an Angel: A True Story of Life, Faith, and Compassion" (my review here).  Corporal Richard Leroy "Buddy" Fly rests at the Natchez National Cemetery in Natchez Mississippi.

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