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A Soldier's Story: Major General Charles Calvin Rogers

Major General Charles Calvin Rogers was born on September 6, 1929, in Claremont, West Virginia.

He began his U.S. Army career through the ROTC program at West Virginia State University, graduating in 1952.

Assigned to artillery units in both the Korean War and the Vietnam War,  Major General Rogers earned the Congressional Medal of Honor on November 6, 1968, while commanding the 1st Battalion fire support base near the Fishhook region of Vietnam.

The post had come under heavy attack, a Major General Charles Rogers continued to rally the Battalion and lead attacks, despite being wounded.

After recovery, he was assigned to the office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for military operations. He also continued his education, attending the U.S. Army War College and earning a Master's degree from Shippensburg State College.

By 1971 Major General Charles Calvin Rogers was assigned as the assistant deputy commander of V Corps artillery, then as commanding officer of the 42nd Field Artillery Group. He was then given the commanding general post of the VII Corps in Europe.

He returned to the U.S. for a couple of years to serve as the Deputy Chief of Staff at the ROTC headquarters before ending his career in Europe, commanding the V Corps and then the VII Corps.

After Major General Charles Rogers's retirement, he became an ordained minister and continued to serve the U.S. Army as a minister.

Major General Charles Calvin Rogers died from prostate cancer on September 21, 1990, and rests in Arlington Cemetery.


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