An Airman's Story: Lieutenant Colonel Betty Jane Williams

A Soldier's Story: Private George Cramer

Private George Cramer was born September 27th, 1920, to parents Ester (nee Patterson) and George Cramer. He had a sister named Wilma and a brother named Edward.  Private Cramer was a fairly tall man at 6 ft.

Private George Cramer was raised in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, and worked as a crane operator before joining the US Army on September 7, 1942, in response to World War II and was assigned to the 106th signal company of the 25th Service Group.

For nearly two years, from January 25th, 1944, until December 17th, 1945, Private George Cramer was deployed overseas, with the 106th being assigned to Bombay, India. He was discharged from the Army on December 30th, 1945.


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