A Soldier's Story: Lieutenant Preston Doane Fogg

Lieutenant Preston Doane Fogg could be considered the ultimate "American Boy,"  Born in Massachusetts to George S. and Pricilla C. Fogg and attending Dorchester High School.

He was very active (and I daresay quite popular) during his college career at Syracuse University, particularly in athletics. Lieutenant Preston Fogg was captain of the 1911 Syracuse Football Team and participated in the one-mile relay, winning the IC4A championship twice. Also on this relay team was Olympic athlete Charles D Reidpath.

Outside of his athletic activities, Lieutenant Preston Doane Fogg was active in the fraternities Phi Kappa Alpha, becoming president in 1912, president of the Seniors Dinner Club, and the first president of the Tambourine and Bones. This musical theater society produced "The Coach" by DH Wallace.

Lieutenant Preston Fogg entered the WWI fray in 1918 as a First Lieutenant of the 309th infantry. During the fighting at Champigneulle in October of 1918, Lieutenant Preston was noted for heroism by carrying another wounded soldier out of battle, despite his own injuries; as a result, he earned both a Distinguished Service Cross and the Croix de Guerre.

After the war, Lieutenant Preston Doane Fogg returned to Syracuse. He continued to be an active community member, participating in the Legion of Valor, the American Legion, and the Ivy Lodge Masonic Order.


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