A Soldier's Story: Sergeant Adelbert Francis Waldron

Sergeant Adelbert Francis Waldron, also known as Bert, was born on March 14, 1933, in Syracuse, New York. His childhood was spent hunting around his hometown of Baldwinsville, New York, and Sergeant Waldron could imitate the calls of many animals. 

Sergeant Adelbert Waldron enlisted in the US Navy in 1953 and deployed to Korea and Vietnam before leaving the US Navy. Sergeant Waldron reenlisted in the military, this time with the US Army in 1968 and, again, deployed to the Vietnam War.

Sergeant Bert Waldron was an impressive sniper and held the record as the best US sniper until 2011 with 109 kills, one of which was shot from 900 yards away.

Sergeant Aldebert Waldron briefly taught at the Fort Benning Sniper School after his return from the Vietnam war before leaving military service altogether.

After leaving service, he worked as a counter-sniper expert and firearms instructor for Mitchel Werbell's private training facility in Powder Springs, Georgia.

Unlike many other well-known soldiers, Sergeant Adelbert Waldron never wrote a book or gave interviews about his experiences. He died in California on October 18, 1995, and rests at the Riverside National Cemetery.


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