A Soldier's Story: Private First Class James Harvey Booth

An Airman's Story Major William Clark Gable

Major Clark Gable was born in Cadiz, Ohio, on February 1, 1901.  Before establishing himself as an actor, he worked in oil fields, as a horse manager, at the Firestone Rubber Co, and as a necktie salesman at Meier and Frank.

His resonant voice is the result of many voice training classes.

Major Clark Gable enlisted in the US Army Air Force on August 12, 1942, in response to World War II and after the love of his life, wife Carole Lombard, died in a plane crash while promoting war bonds.

He trained as an aerial gunman and did fly combat missions at RAF Polebrook with the 351 Bomber Squadron.  Major Cable was also given a special assignment to make a recruiting film for aerial gunners.

Hitler, a big fan, put out a bounty for Major William Clark Gable's unharmed capture and was disappointed.

Ronald Regan signed his discharge papers on July 12, 1944, and Major Gable returned to acting. He received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on February 8, 1960.  Major William Clark Gable died in November of the same year,

The US Postal Service used his likeness as Rhett Butler on the US Commemorative Postage Stamps honoring classic films of 1939.


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