A Soldier's Story: Major Charles Leroy Thomas

Major Charles Leroy Thomas was born on April 17, 1920, in Birmingham, Alabama.  While growing up, he showed both an interest and an aptitude for machinery and electronics, and he was explicitly drawn to aircraft.

He attended Wayne State University and worked as a molder for the Ford Motor Company before enlisting in the Army in January of 1942 in response to World War II.  Major Charles Leroy Thomas was assigned to complete the Officer's Candidate School and then given to the 614 Tank Destroyer Batallion.

December 14, 1944,  Major (then a Lieutenant) was to lead a storming of Climbach.  He was wounded twice while he directed the setup and placement of the anti-tank guns, maintaining return fire, and covered the task force during its maneuver before finally being evacuated from the field.  Major Charles Thomas's actions earned him a Congressional Medal of Honor that was not awarded until 1997.

Before retiring to Detroit, Michigan, Major Charles Leroy Thomas remained with the U.S. Army as a career soldier.  He died on February 15, 1980.


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