A Soldier's Story: First Sergeant Sydney Gustave Gumpertz

A Marine's Story: Private Goode Taurman

Private Goode Taurman was born in 1877 and raised in Gayton, Virginia, on a farm outside of town.

On November 17, 1898, he enlisted in the US Marine Corps and was assigned to Company D of the 1st Marine Batallion.

Private Goode Taurman deployed aboard the USS Panther, landing in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, on June 10, 1898.

During the initial attack on an enemy-occupied fort, Private Goode Taurmen toppled to his death from the sheer 30-foot cliffs surrounding the fort.

Initially interred at Camp McCalla in Cuba, in 1899, the Navy ordered all remains repatriated. Private Goode Taurman rests in the family cemetery at the farm "Valhalla" in Gayton, Virginia.

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