A Soldier's Story: First Lieutenant Mildred Jeanette Dalton

First Lieutenant Mildred Jeanette Dalton was born on July 11, 1914, in Barrow County, Georgia.

She attended the Atlanta Grady Memorial Hospital Nursing School, graduating in 1937. She would spend a couple of years as a civilian surgical nurse before enlisting in the US Army.

First Lieutenant Mildred Dalton joined the US Army Nursing Corps in 1939 to travel and see the world. She would specifically request a transfer to the Philippines in 1941.

Shortly after her October arrival, the Japanese began bombing Pearl Harbor, and the Philippines and the US entered World War II.

Along with 77 other nurses, she would continue to treat wounded in tent hospitals and in an underground tunnel until the Japanese captured the Philippines in May 1942. After that, she and the 77 other nurses continued to treat the wounded in the prison of Santo Tomas, facing grueling conditions and near starvation until their release on February 3, 1945.

First Lieutenant Mildred Dalton briefly toured for war bonds before she married and resigned from the Army. She moved to Jacksonville, Florida, and continued to work as a civilian nurse throughout her life.

In 1994 she relocated to Hopewell, New Jersey, to die on March 8, 2013. Lieutenant Dalton rests at the Washington Crossing National Cemetery.


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