A Soldier's Story: Corporal Desmond Doss

A Marine's Story: Colonel Ruth Cheney Streeter

Colonel Ruth Cheney Streeter was born on October 2, 1945, in Brookline, Massachusetts She graduated from Bryn Mawr College in 1918.

All her adult life, she would take an active interest in civic affairs, including becoming the first woman president of the Welfare Board of Morrilton, New Jersey. At age 47, she would earn her pilot's license to join either the WAVES or WASPS as a ferry pilot.

Both rejected her on account of her age.

Colonel Ruth Streeter would then join the US Marine Corps Women's Reserve on January 29, 1943, in response to World War II, and would become its first director and would see almost 18,000 enlistments under her tenure.

After the war, she returned to Morrilton, New Jersey, and in 1947, she was appointed to the New Jersey Constitutional Convention.

Colonel Ruth Streeter would stay active in civic and political life until her death on September 30, 1990.  She rests in Petersburgh, New Hampshire.

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