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A Soldier's Story: Corporal Clifton Thiemer Speicher

Corporal Clifton Thiemer "Tip" Speicher was born on March 25, 1931, in Gray, Pennsylvania.

He enlisted in the US Army in January of 1951, shortly before his 20th birthday, and deployed to Korea for the Korean War with the 223 Infantry Regiment that June.

On June 14, 1952, Corporal Clifton "Tip" Speicher earned a Congressional Medal of Honor while his unit attempted to take an important sector. His unit was pinned down by machine-gun fire, and while wounded, Corporal Tip Speicher left his cover and charged the machine-gun embankment, receiving additional wounds. He disabled the nest by killing two enemy fighters with his rifle and one with his bayonet. Corporal Speicher crested the hill with his unit before succumbing to his wounds.

Corporal Clifton Speicher rests in the Beam Cemetery in Jennerstown, Pennsylvania.

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