A Soldier's Story: Sergeant Young Min Dillon

Sergeant Young Min Dillon was born on November 28, 1963, in Seoul Korea.

His family repatriated to the Colorado area while he was young and he graduated from Aurora schools, enlisting his the US Army shortly after his high school graduation.

He was assigned to the 3rd Armored Division and deployed to the Persian Gulf during Desert Storm / Desert Shield.

On February 26, 1991, shortly before the tank assault on Hussein troops, Sergeant Dillon would earn a Silver Star, when he, racing against the start time of the assault, would travel back to operations to pick up a replacement radio for his M113. He would complete the repairs on the radio under fire.  He would then enter the gun turret of the M113.  A US round would fall short of its target and struck his turret.

Sergeant Young Min Dillon rests in the Fort Logan National Cemetery at Denver Colorado.