A Soldier's Story: Sergeant David Quentin Douthit

A Soldier's Story: Sergeant First Class Randy Shughart


Sergeant First Class Randy Shughart was born on August 13, 1958, in Lincoln, Nebraska. While he was young, his family relocated to Newville, Pennsylvania, and Sergeant First Class Shughart would graduate from Big Springs High School in 1976. He would enlist in the US Army shortly following his high school graduation.

Sergeant First Class RandyShugart trained as a Ranger and spent time stationed at Fort Lewis before receiving Special Forces training and moving to Fort Bragg. He was assigned to the Delta Force in 1986.

During a period of hostilities, Sergeant First Class Randy Shughart deployed to Mogadishu, Somalia, and on October 3, 1993, was killed while trying to rescue the crewmembers of a Blackhawk helicopter.

He rests at Westminster Cemetery in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

Sergeant First Class Randy Shughart was portrayed by the actor Johnny Strong in the movie Black Hawk Down.

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