A Soldier's Story: Sergeant French Vineyard

A Soldier's Story: Sergeant George Earl Swanson

Sergeant George Earl Swanson was born on October 16, 1922, in Manor Pennsylvania.  He briefly began his career at Westinghouse Electrical before WWII  interrupted his plans.  He enlisted, instead, in the US Army on January 4, 1943. 

After the war, Sergeant Swanson returned to Pennsylvania and became a successful local beer distributor, and finally, in 1984 he bought a corvette, the car of his dreams.

When Sergeant Swanson died on March 29, 1994, his cremains are buried (after much legal wrangling and the draining of all of the car's fluids) with the car, in the Brush Creek Cemetery near Irwin Pennsylvania.  His license plate "HI-PAL" remains on the car and Englebert Humperdink's song "Release Me." is cued up on the cassette player.