A Soldier's Story: Sergeant French Vineyard

A Soldier's Story: Specialist Beverly Sue Clark

Specialist Beverly Sue Clark was born on May 21, 1967, in Latrobe Pennsylvania. She attended United High School in Armagh, where she played basketball and graduated in 1985.  She enlisted in the US Army Reserves shortly after and would also work Seasons All Industry, in order to pay for college.  She had hoped to be a teacher upon completion of her reserve contract.

She was assigned to the 14th Quartermaster Division, handling clerical work for the unit and on February 19, 1991, Specialist Clark deployed to Saudi Arabia for Operation Desert Storm / Desert Shield.  Six days later, on February 25, a SCUD missle would strike the barracks of 14th Quartermaster, and she was one of the thirteen soldiers killed.

She rests at the Bethel Cemetery in Clyde Pennsylvania.