A Soldier's Story: Surgeon Anita Newcomb McGee

A Marine's Story: Captain Gary Scott Dillon

Captain Gary Scott Dillon was born on November 12, 1960, in Baltimore Maryland.  He graduated from Concord High School in 1979 and the University of New Hampshire in 1983.   Captain Dillon enlisted in the US Marine Corps shortly after his graduation from college.

He trained as a helicopter pilot and was assigned to HMLA- 267, a search and rescue unit.  HMLA -267 deployed to the Persian Gulf with the 13th Marine Expedition Unit aboard the USS Okinawa. 

On October 8, 1990, while flying a training exercise over the Arabian Sea there was an accident with another helicopter, and both helicopters were lost and their crews missing.

Captain Gary Scott Dillon is memorialized at the Union Cemetery in Laconia New Hampshire.

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