A Soldier's Story: Tech Sergeant Charles Francis Carey Jr.

Tech Sergeant Charles Francis Carey Jr. was born on December 23, 1916, in Canadian Oklahoma. He briefly lived in Fort Logan Colorado with his Grandmother before settling in Cheyenne Wyoming.  Tech Sergeant Carey worked as a general laborer and had been assigned, briefly, to Rawlins Wyoming, before he enlisted in the US Army in July 1944.

Tech Sergeant Carey was assigned to the 395th Infantry and deployed to France.  There, he would earn a Congressional Medal of Honor when, on July 8, 1945, an enemy force of 200 men and 12 tanks overwhelmed his platoon's position.

During the attack, Tech Sergeant Carey organized patrols, rescuing two squadrons, and evacuated the wounded.  Next, he organized a unit to take an enemy-controlled house that had been shielding snipers.  Tech Sergeant Carey disabled the snipers, took 16 prisoners, and the house.   Tech Sergeant Carey also provided support for an adjoining unit, as well as disabled a tank. The next morning, on July 9, 1945, as enemy soldiers began to converge on the house, he provided cover for the retreat of four men in his unit but was shot as he made his escape.

Tech Sergeant Charles Franci Carey rests at the Ardennes American Cemetery in Neupre Belgium.