A Soldier's Story: Private First Class James Harvey Booth

A Marine's Story: Captain John Howard Yancey


Captain John Howard Yancey was born on April 27, 1918, in Plumerville, Arkansas. He graduated from Central High School and briefly attended Ouachita College but left early to enlist in the Marine Corps at the onset of World War II

He volunteered for special services and was assigned to the Marine Raiders. Captain John Yancey served as the bodyguard for Lieutenant Colonel Evan Carlson. He fought during the Guadalcanal Campain and during the Battle of Iwo Jima and earned a Navy Cross for his actions.

Captain John Yancey transitioned to the Marine Corps reserves, commanding the Little Rock 15th Battalion reserves after World War II

The 15th Battalion was activated for the Korean War in August 1950 and was absorbed by the 7th Marines. Captain John Yancey would fight during the Battle of Chosin Reservoir, leading an assault on Hill 698, a strategic battle that would end in hand-to-hand combat.

Captain John Yancey would be severely wounded during his command of the Battle of Hill 1282. Yet, despite his severe wounds, he would still lead his marines through the freezing temperatures of the engagement.

After Korea, he returned to Little Rock and continued his command with the Marine Corps Reserves. Captain John Howard Yancey would try to deploy a third time during the Vietnam War but was denied a combat role due to his earlier injuries.

During the 1960s, Captain John H. Yancey ran for the Arkansas Senate with an integration platform but lost by a narrow margin.  

Captain John Yancey was a lifelong student of poetry and philosophy. He was also the model for the bronze bust of Count Pulaski, which is located in the county courthouse.

He died on May 16, 1986, and rests in the Little Rock National Cemetery.


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