A Soldier's Story: Major Donald Worthington Reynolds


Major Donald Worthington Reynolds was born on September 23, 1906, in Fort Worth, Texas. While he was relatively young, his family moved to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.   

His first job was selling newspapers at the local rail station, and Major Don W. Reynolds also spent summers working at a meatpacking plant to earn money for college. Major Reynolds attended the University of Missouri and graduated from the School of Journalism in 1927. He was also a member of the Ph Kappa Alpha fraternity.

After college, Major Don W. Reynolds worked as a journalist in Fort Smith, Arkansas, and enlisted in the U.S. Army in March 1942, responding to World War II. Initially assigned to military intelligence, Major Donald Reynolds was later assigned the officer in charge of the weekly Army paper "Yank."  He returned to civilian journalism after the war in February 1945. 

After the war ended, he returned to Oklahoma City, where Major Don W. Reynolds founded the Don Rey Media Group. This company specialized in small-city newspapers, cable, and T.V. throughout the Southern Plains states. Major Donald W. Reynolds also began a philanthropic project named the Donald W. Reynolds Foundation in 1954.

Major Reynolds died on April 2, 1993, while on a cruise in the Mediterranean Sea. He rests at the Bunkers Eden Vale Memorial Park in Las Vegas, Nevada.


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