An Airman's Story: Captain Dale Thomas Cormier


Captain Dale Thomas Cormier was born on August 1, 1960, in Orland Park, Illinois.  His family relocated to Phoenix, Arizona, while he was young, and Captain Cormier graduated from West High School, where he was a member of the German club.

Captain Dale Thomas Cormier went to college at Auburn University before enlisting in the US Air Force in 1983.  He graduated from pilot training in 1984, was assigned to the 363rd Tactical Fighter Wing, and piloted F-16s.

He deployed to the Persian Gulf for Operation Desert Storm/Desert Shield and the Gulf War in the fall of 1990.

On February 15, 1991, Captain Dale Thomas Cormier died during his service when his F-16 crashed while on a mission in Saudi Arabia.   


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