A Soldier's Story: Private First Class James Harvey Booth

A Soldier's Story: Sergeant Joseph Barnard Adkison


Sergeant Joseph Barnard Adkison was born on January 4, 1892, in Egypt, Tennessee.  He began working as a clerk for the Carriage and Morgan Supply Company until enlisting in the US Army on June 5, 1917, in response to World War I.  He deployed to France with the 119th Infantry.

He earned the Congressional Medal of Honor on September 29, 1918.  Sergeant Joseph Barnard Adkison's unit was under attack from a machine gun nest, and he ran, under fire, 50 yards to the den and kicked the machine gun out of the enemy's hands.  Sergeant Adkison held the crew at bayonet point until they were taken into custody. 

The next day, September 30, 1918, Sergeant Joseph B. Adkison was struck by cannon fire, severely injuring his right arm and leg, and was medically retired. 

Sergeant Adkison struggled with his wounds for the remainder of his life and spent much time hospitalized, particularly after he was struck by a car in 1937.

Sergeant Joseph Barnard died on May 23, 1965.  He rests at the Salem Presbyterian Church Cemetery in Atoka, Tennessee.


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