A Soldier's Story: Major Charles Joseph Watters


Major Charles Joseph Watters was born on January 17, 1927, in Jersey City, New Jersey. Before entering the Seaton Hall Immaculate Conception Seminary at Darlington, he attended Seaton Hall Preparatory School and University. Major Charles Joseph Watters was ordained a Roman Catholic priest in 1953.

An avid private pilot, Major Charles Joseph Watters enlisted as a chaplain in the New Jersey Air National Guard in 1962. In response to the Vietnam war, he transitioned to active duty with the US Army in 1964.  

Major Charles Joseph Watters deployed to Vietnam with the 173rd Airborne Brigade in 1966, earning a bronze star for valor during Operation Junction City, the only large-scale parachute mission of the Vietnam War. He voluntarily extended his tour in 1967.

On November 19, 1967, during the fight to Hill 875, Major Charles Joseph Watters earned a Congressional Medal of Honor while out with the 503rd Infantry. He remained in the field with a unit sustaining heavy casualties, rendering aid, carrying wounded to safe areas behind the perimeter, and administering sacraments. Unfortunately, he was killed when a bomb exploded while he was performing last rites.  

Major Charles Joseph Watters rests at Arlington.  


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