A Soldier's Story: Sergeant Major William J Haynes


Sergeant Major William J Haynes was born in May 1866 in Micanopy, Florida. He enlisted in the US Army on October 30, 1930, and was assigned to the 25th Infantry.  

He first deployed to the Dakota territories for the Pine Ridge Campaign and then to suppress the Terry Union Miner's Strike before Sergeant Major William J Haynes transferred to Fort Missoula and was recruited to be a member of the "Iron Riders," the 20-member bicycle unit that completed a 1,900-mile journey from Fort Missoula Montana to St. Louis Missouri in 34 days.

Sergeant Major William J. Haynes then deployed to Cuba and participated in the July 1898 Battle of El Caney.

He was briefly stationed in Ponca, Oklahoma, before Sergeant Major William J Haynes transferred to Fort George Wright near Spokane, Washington. He would help with evacuation and firefighting efforts during the Great Fire of 1910.

Sergeant Major William J Haynes retired from the US Army in 1912 and returned to Ponca City, Oklahoma. 

He died on March 12, 1921, and rests at the Leavenworth National Cemetery in Leavenworth, Kansas.


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