A Soldier's Story: Corporal Desmond Doss

A Soldier's Story: Master Sergeant George Henry Wanton

Born on May 15, 1866, Master Sergeant George Henry Wanton was raised in Paterson, New Jersey.

Master Sergeant George Wanton joined the U.S. Navy in 1884 and served for four years before joining the U.S. Army in 1889.

He was assigned to Troop M of the 10th Cavalry Regiment during the Battle of Tayacoba of the Spanish-American war. Master Sergeant George Wanton earned a Congressional Medal of Honor for his actions during the rescue of a landing party (with Dennis BellWilliam Thompkins, and Fritz Lee). Master Sergeant Wanton also attempted to retrieve the body of Captain Manuel Nunez, but the operation was considered too unsafe.

In November of 1921, Master Sergeant George Wanton served as an honorary pallbearer for the Unknown Soldier and finished the rest of his career as quartermaster. Retiring from service in 1925.

Master Sergeant George Henry Wanton died on November 27, 1940, and is buried at Arlington.

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