An Airman's Story: Lieutenant Colonel Betty Jane Williams

A Soldier's Story: Corporal Solomon Bond Louis

Born in Brand County, Oklahoma, on April 22, 1899, Corporal Solomon Bond Louis spent his early years at the Armstrong Academy, a Native American orphanage and school.

When the enlistment for World War I began, Corporal Solomon Bond Louis lied about his age to enlist with his friends.  After training at Fort Sill, Oklahoma, he deployed to France with the 142 Infantry and became known as one of the Choctaw Code Talkers of WWI.

After the war, Corporal Solomon Bond Louis returned to his native Oklahoma, where he worked as a peanut farmer and did carpentry.  He was also an active preacher and served as a Justice of the Peace.

Corporal Solomon Bond Louis died on February 19, 1972, and rests at Homer's Chapel Cemetery in Boswell, Oklahoma.

The first issue of a comic book series that was issued by the Indigenous Narratives Collection called "Tales of the Mighty Code Talkers" celebrates the actions of Corporal Louis and the other Choctaw Code Talkers.


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